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Artist from Bulgaria

Alla Prima Painting Adventurer #1 – my new weekly series on youtube!

I’m starting this weekly series to show my approach to painting and the typical challenges an artist has to overcome. In the following episodes (every Thursday) I’ll be sharing the wisdom I’ve collected over the years. studying great old masters of the Russian school like Serov, Korovin, Arkhipov, as well as various impressionists and baroque artists.

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Palette knife & fingers (self-portrait)

I did this “selfie” using only my palette knife and my fingers. It’s an exercise that helps you paint more expressively and create unexpected textures. It also doesn’t allow you to blend very well, which results in color richness. I’ve found that by using palette knives it’s much easier to avoid the effect of chalkiness and muddiness in your painting. Watch the video: