“An artist just needs to reach out sincerely and everything unfolds in the most unpredictable ways. I am moved by the endless faces and moods of Nature, as well as its harmonious connection with human activity and cultural traditions. I explore the inner movement of a human being, the play of emotions, the eternal beauty of here and now. In any creature, item, light or space I seek seeds of the great force of Life. It is present both in the raging elements and in the serene tranquility.
I learn from Nature. It doesn’t imitate, nor make mistakes. It creates and recreates with no visible effort. I liken my approach in painting to the movement of water. Wherever it flows, it repeatedly deposits or purifies, creating an endless visual story. If my painting isn’t finished in one sitting, I wash and scrape most of the paint, so I’m inspired to create everything boldly again and again. I repeat this process numerous times, until the surface starts to convey the exquisite feeling of presence, space and vitality.
A painting should fill all the senses, captivate the viewer and bring forth a precious part of his or her own memories. It’s my greatest honor to provide that kind of experience…”

Stefan Kalapishev

Born in Bulgaria, 1980
Studied painting (2001-2005) at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria under Prof. Plamen Valtchev. This way he became a part of both Bulgarian and Russian artistic lineages started by masters of the “Peredvizhniki” (Itinerants or Wanderers) movement from the 19th century.
Teacher in drawing and artistic anatomy at high-school for stonework in Kunino, Bulgaria 2005-2007
Stefan Kalapishev has participated in painting symposiums and exhibitions in:
Krichim 2006 and 2007 (Bulgaria)
Balchik 2010 (Bulgaria)
Diakopto 2007 (Greece)
Bozhentsi 2012 (Bulgaria)
Strumica 2015 (Macedonia)

First solo exhibition – At gallery “Sofia” in Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec 2008
Stefan Kalapishev currently lives in Sofia, Bulgaria.